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Native to South America, alstroemerias are one of the most popular flowers used in bouquets today. Symbolizing friendship and loyalty, alstroemerias are called Peruvian lilies. Alstroemerias are found in countless species, colors and patterns around the world. Characterized by a wide variety of colors and patterns, alstroemerias are easily combined in bouquets with other flowers: roses or freesias. In addition, you can create luxurious and playful bouquets without other flowers – alstroemerias go well with each other, so you can create monochromatic or variegated combinations only from their flowers.

Alstroemeria flowers are often chosen not only for bouquets – they are also perfect for permanent cultivation. To add more color to a formal environment such as an office, these low-maintenance flowers are the right choice. In addition, alstroemerias are often chosen to be grown at home as well – bright colors and intricate patterns become a unique interior detail.

Bouquets of alstroemeria flowers can be given as gifts for any occasion. Symbolizing friendship, sincerity, joy and loyalty, exotic flowers will ensure that the recipient of the bouquet will have a big smile on their face.