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Tulips are playful and at the same time elegant flowers that are associated with awakening spring, energy and joy. Tulips always remind us of the most beautiful spring holidays, such as Women’s Day or Easter.

Tulips, which arrived in Holland several centuries ago, were loved so much that they became a valuable currency that could be used to buy a house or other objects. Due to this trend, Holland has become the kingdom of tulips and annually organizes fiestas of these flowers, during which Keukenhof Park is painted with various colors and scents.

More than 3,000 species of tulips are registered around the world – these flowers are characterized by an extremely wide range of colors and patterns. You can choose from bright blue with intricate patterns to soft yellow flowers, so every time you choose a bouquet of tulips you can create an exclusive design and surprise even the most picky. Bouquets look stunning both with single-color flowers and with matching colors – it is extremely popular to combine white tulip flowers with pink, purple or other pink colors.

Tulips, being elegant and playful, are suitable for any occasion, whether for a mother, a sister, a friend or another relative – depending on their color, tulips can be easily matched to the theme or motifs of the holiday.