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Roses have long been considered a symbol of divinity and perfect beauty. What if a rose could remain forever the same as when it was just picked? The sleeping roses under the dome are exactly that – non-growing and forever remaining as perfect beauty as when they were just picked. A live rose soaked in a special liquid preserves the flower, which allows it not to lose its beauty properties.

Sleeping roses under a dome are an original and modern choice to surprise your friend, mother, sister or other loved ones on any occasion. An everlasting ring will remind you of your care and love.

Sleeping roses do not require specific care – it is enough not to keep the decoration in direct sunlight, not to break the flower and, if necessary, clean the dust. A rose under a glass dome, without requiring maintenance, becomes a great home interior decor or decoration.

In the Flowers Time store, you can choose sleeping roses of various colors and match the satin ribbon accordingly, which will enliven the gift and make it even more playful.