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Roses have been associated with passion, love, beauty, perfection, elegance and luxury for many years. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most popular choices to surprise your loved one and show your care and love. The rose is the flower that tells about the ignited love between lovers. Roses, having an extremely wide range of colors, can be a great choice for any occasion, it is only important to choose the right color. Pink, yellow or white roses will be a playful and casual choice for a birthday or other occasion. Red roses, which have become a classic, will always be appreciated on the occasion of an anniversary, other holidays or when you want to confess your love. White roses are often chosen for elegant and luxurious weddings.

Roses in bouquets can be combined with flowers of other flowers, thus creating exclusive combinations – roses are perfect together with alstroemeria or other flowers. Roses can be mixed and matched to create large plain or variegated bouquets suitable for gifting on any occasion. Rose bouquets can be wrapped in cellophane or paper of a matching color and tied with a refined satin ribbon.

Roses are suitable not only for gifts, but also for holiday decor – the wedding party can be decorated with white rose flowers to decorate the tables and other details.